Baby bed for travel from Petit bébé Easy to install, fold and store in a special bag _ purple color .

1,250.00 LE

1,350.00 LE

  • Brand : petit bebe
  • Product Code : 14050

* Product measurements: -
* Product size: length 110 x width 80 x height 80 cm
* Folding size: length 27 width 27 height 80 cm
* Age appropriate: from birth until 4 years.
* Advantages :-
✓ Children's travel bed from Petit Bibi is easy to fold and storage in a special bag.
✓ It has an internal size of 70 x 107 cm.
✓ Network aspects designed for a well-ventilated and comfortable bed for your child.
✓ You can make bed rocking if fixed.
✓ 2 rear wheel for easy movement with wheel brakes.
✓ A piece of papachra covered with a Piper designed for a quiet sleep for your child.
✓ Large adjustable solar panel.
✓ 2 front and back pocket to save stuff.
* Description :-
- Petit bébé baby safari bed is easy to fold and store, and it is easy to carry and take it anywhere by storing in the dedicated bag.
- With two levels of sleep height of the first 60 and the second level 30 cm
- You can adjust it to any level according to the comfort of the child to enjoy a quiet sleep you can humor and store it with ease.

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