Johnson Shampoo 300 ml for the children's shiny drops

39.00 LE

42.00 LE

  • Brand : johnson
  • Product Code : 47310

* Product size: 300 ml.

✓ Johnson's shampoo for older children to enjoy vibrant hair and enhance natural gloss.
✓ 100% free formula of soap so as not to cause allergies.
✓ Cleans the scalp and hair gently without affecting the natural protective layer.
✓ It has argan oil with fragrant aroma.
✓ Dermatologists have been tested as hypersensitive.
✓ Paraben free.
- Johnson's shimmering shampoo for children is innovative with a touch of silk proteins and a drop of argan oil to give the hair a natural shine, leaving it with a soft texture such as silk and a healthy look.
- This shampoo has been developed by hair care professionals and is a gentle scalp product that cleans hair effectively and safely.
- 300 ml package

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