Biberon natural feeling of Chicco, simulation for mother breast 150 ml since birth.

180.00 LE

  • Brand : chicco
  • Product Code : 8058664008094

* Product measurements: -

* Product size: 13 x 30 cm

* Product weight: 0.9 kg



✓ Biberon natural feeling of Chicco brand of 150 ml.

✓ Plastics Health and safety .

✓ Allow optimal feeding for the child.

✓ Make it easy to combine biberon with breastfeeding.

✓ Nipple with circular design designed for newborns.

✓ Anti-colic valve because it reduces air ingestion.


* Description:-

- Designed with Chico's polycarbonate, the mother's breast is wonderful for babies during their growth.
- The nipple has a diagonal design specially designed for newborns.
- Reduce air ingestion thanks to dual LED.
- Ensure the correct position of the neck of the baby during breastfeeding.

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