Car charger for kids McLaren 12 volt power system with usb, SD card _ yellow color

4,490.00 LE

4,950.00 LE

  • Brand : none
  • Product Code : 35050

* Product size: 120 x 75 x 60 cm.
* Age appropriate: up to 5 years.
* Advantages:-
✓ McLaren car battery with 12 volt rechargeable battery.
✓ Car fan out.
✓ Possibility of opening the doors with a handle to the door.
✓ Works 3 speeds forward (up to 4/3/2 mph).
✓ With remote control for car control.
✓ Plastic frames with rubber strip.
✓ Front and back lights with volume control.
✓ Safety belt for child protection.
✓ The car has a seat for one passenger only.
✓ With a gas pedal.
* Description:-
- McLaren Car Charger for Children Your child will feel like driving a real car.
- The car has SD Card / USB Port and MP3 Connectivity by its 12 volt battery power system.
- Elegant and ideal form with the possibility of opening the doors to the top.

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